Call of Duty®: Mobile – Garena 1.6.35 Apk Mod

Call of Duty®: Mobile – Garena 1.6.35 Apk Mod

3.9 (3.46M+)Action, Game

Description of Call of Duty®: Mobile – Garena

Call of Duty®: Mobile – Garena Apk Mod

In today’s world, there is no bigger franchise than Call of Duty Apk Mod. And with the mobile version of the game being one of the most popular on the market, it’s no wonder that developers are always working on updates and new content. But what happens when those updates break your game? Or worse yet, when hackers get their hands on your servers and start blasting players with viruses? That’s where Garena comes in. Garena Apk Mod is a provider of mobile security solutions for games and other digital content. They work with developers to keep their games safe for users, and they offer a variety of premium features to users as well. If you’re looking to keep your account safe and secure while playing Call of Duty: Mobile Apk Mod, check out Garena’s website. You can also download their app from the App Store or Google Play store for free.

New BR Map: Blackout

Effective immediately, Garena is the exclusive provider of official Call of Duty®: Mobile content. This includes all in-game content, including maps, modes, and game updates. Players who have previously downloaded or purchased content from other sources will need to uninstall that content before using Garena’s versions.

This change comes as part of a broader effort by Activision to strengthen its relationship with Garena and drive growth in the mobile esports market. The company plans to make more such strategic investments in the future as it looks to build a stronger competitive foundation for Call of Duty: Mobile globally.

“We are excited to partner with Garena and provide their players with the best possible experience,” said Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision Blizzard. “Garena has a strong track record of developing quality mobile games, and we look forward to working together to create even more opportunities for fans around the world.”

. New BR Health System Update

The new BR Health System update is now live on all platforms, including Android and iOS! This update includes a host of new features and bug fixes, so be sure to check it out if you’re playing the game on any device. Highlights of the new BR Health System update include:

-A brand new lobby where you can manage your character’s profile and gear;
-A better matchmaking system that ensures you’ll always be playing with players of similar skill levels;
-An improved Privacy settings interface which lets you selectively share your data with Garena partners;
-And much more!

New MP Map Optimization: Crash

The Call of Duty®: Mobile developers at Garena have released a new MP map optimization update that should improve the game’s performance on some devices. The update should also fix some crashing issues.

New MP Scorestreak: Lightining Strike

In an update to the Call of Duty: Mobile game released on July 5th, Garena has released a new MP Scorestreak called “Lightining Strike.” The new Scorestreak can be obtained by reaching level 20 in Multiplayer and then completing the quest “Strikeforce: Lightning.”

The Lightining Strike Scorestreak allows for players to call down a massive bolt of lightning that will damage all nearby enemies. The bolt will also destroy any objects in its path, making it perfect for targeting opponents or enemy buildings. Players can activate the scorestreak by pressing the Y button while near an enemy unit or structure.

New Ranking Series: Grandmaster

The Garena Call of Duty®: Mobile ranking series is back with a new and improved system. Your accumulated points will now determine your rank in the series, from Bronze to Grandmaster. And unlike other ranking systems, this one is based on cumulative points instead of average rating points. Note that only the first 1000 players to achieve a certain rank will be shown on the leaderboard at any given time. Players who are not currently ranked will start at Bronze 1.

To start playing in the Garena Call of Duty®: Mobile ranking series, open the app and go to Settings > Game Rules > Ranking System. Set up your ranking preferences and hit Save. Now when you play matches, your progress will be tracked and you’ll earn rewards as you climb the ranks!

Downloading and Installing the

Apk Mod

If you’re looking for a Call of Duty: Mobile mod that will give your team an unfair advantage, you’ve come to the right place! The Garena Apk Mod is a custom game mode that allows users to gain an unfair advantage over their opponents.

To download and install the Garena Apk Mod, follow these steps:

1) Head to the Google Play Store on your Android device and search for “Call of Duty: Mobile.”

2) Once you’ve located the app, tap on it to open the list of available downloads.

3) Scroll down until you see “Garena Apk Mod.” Tap on it to download and install the mod.

4) Once the download has finished, open up Call of Duty: Mobile and tap on the “Mod” button in the upper-left corner. This will bring up the Garena Apk Mod menu.

5) On this menu, you’ll need to select which map you want to play on. There are three different maps included with the Garena Apk Mod – “Garden,” “Cobble Hill,” and “Lighthouse.” Each map has its own unique features that can give your team an advantage over their opponents.

6) Next, you’ll need to select a team from either Red or Blue. You can’t play as both teams at once! If you choose Blue, be sure to pick wisely as there

How to Use the Mod Apk

Call of Duty: Mobile – Garena Apk Mod

If you’re looking to get the most out of your Call of Duty: Mobile experience, then you need to download the Garena Apk mod. This mod adds a wealth of new content, including new maps and modes, which will keep you entertained for hours on end. Here’s how to install and use the Garena Apk mod:

1. First, make sure that you have the latest version of Call of Duty: Mobile installed on your device. If not, click here to update now.

2. Once you’ve installed the game, open it up and tap on the menu icon in the top-left corner. From here, click on “Mods.”

3. From here, select the “Garena Apk Mod” option and swipe left to reveal the list of available mods. Tap on the blue button next to it to enable it.

4. Once it’s enabled, return to the main menu and tap on “Missions.” This will take you to a new screen where you can begin downloading new missions and maps from Garena servers. Tap on any mission that interests you to start playing immediately!


Recently, Garena released a new mobile game for iOS and Android devices called Call of Duty: Mobile Apk Mod – which is based on the popular video game franchise of the same name. If you’re a fan of the series, this game is definitely worth checking out. In the game, you play as one of several characters from the Call of Duty world who must work together to stop an evil force from achieving world domination. The gameplay is fun and engaging, and there are plenty of opportunities to level up your character to earn more powerful weapons and abilities.

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App Information of Call of Duty®: Mobile – Garena

App Name Call of Duty®: Mobile – Garena v1.6.35 (23920)
Genre Action, Game
Latest Version1.6.35 (23920)
Get it On Google Play
UpdateOct 30, 2022
Rating 3.9 ( 3.46M+ )
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