Dr. Panda – Learn & Play Mod Apk 22.4.18 VIP Unlocked

Dr. Panda – Learn & Play Mod Apk 22.4.18 VIP Unlocked

Description of Dr. Panda - Learn & Play

Dr. Panda – Learn & Play Mod Apk

Dr. Panda Mod Apk is a new educational app that’s designed to teach kids about various subjects in an engaging way. It’s based on the popular Dr. Panda TV series, which has been airing on Nickelodeon for over a decade. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the features of Dr. Panda – Learn & Play, and give you some tips on how to get the most out of it. We’ll also tell you about some of the best ways to use it with your kids, so that they can learn in an engaging and fun way. ###

Foster your kids

Kids love to play games and have fun, but sometimes they can get into trouble. That’s why it is important to foster their natural tendencies by playing games with them. Dr. Panda Mod Apk is a fun and educational game that will keep your kids entertained while you learn new things. You can also use this game as a way to bond with your kids.

Learning experience

Looking for an interactive way to keep your kids entertained? Dr. Panda Mod Apk is the perfect app! This learning experience lets you learn while you play, with games that cover everything from basic math skills to reading comprehension. With a variety of activities to choose from, there’s something for every child. Plus, the app is FREE! So why not give it a try today?

Communication with characters

Characters in the game communicate with each other through voice and text. You can talk to characters to learn more about their backgrounds, or ask them for help in solving puzzles. Some of the characters also offer special quests or tips that can be helpful when progressing through the game.

Text chats are available during exploration and gameplay, allowing you to easily share notes with other players. For example, if you see a chest on a ledge that is too high to reach, you can send a message to your friends asking for help getting past it.

Voice chat is also available during quests and conversations with specific characters. This is great for coordinating strategy or communicating with other players who may be far away from each other.

Dr. Panda characters

From learning and playing to brushing teeth and chasing bugs, there’s something for everyone in Dr. Panda: the fun and educational mobile app! Created by two pediatricians, this app is designed to help children learn and have fun at the same time.

Each episode of Dr. Panda teaches a different skill or concept, such as counting, shapes, colors, animals, and more. There are also interactive challenges that will keep your child engaged. They can brush their teeth with Dr. Panda help or learn how to make a pizza with toppings like pepperoni and cheese!

Dr. Panda is available on the App Store and Google Play Store for free.

Toddler Learning Game

Toddlers learn best through play, so Dr. Panda Mod Apk is a learning game that will help your child learn basic concepts such as numbers, shapes, and letters. You can also use Dr. Panda to help with vocabulary development and to reinforce early learning skills. The app has four different modes: Learn, Play, Grow, and Share. In Learn mode, you will be presented with a set of questions and instructions. You must answer the questions in order to move on to the next one. As your child progresses through the levels, they will be introduced to new concepts and challenges. In Play mode, you will be able to choose from a variety of games that are designed to teach various skills. Grow mode is where you can help your child develop their cognitive abilities by providing feedback about their answers. Finally, in Share mode you can share your progress with other parents or caregivers so that they can see how their child is doing and join in on the fun!

Play with different colors and objects

Welcome to Dr. Panda! This is a fun and educational app designed to help children learn about colors and shapes. In this app, you can play with different colors and objects. You can also use the app to learn about basic math concepts.

To start, select one of the nine rooms in Dr. Panda. Each room has a different color theme and contains many interesting objects to play with. You can change the color of your environment by choosing from a variety of cool colors.

In each room, you’ll find three objects that you can play with: a ball, a block, and a shapely toy. The ball is easy to grab and throw around, but watch out for the blocks! They’re hard to move but can be deadly if they hit you in the face! Shapely toys are cute but tricky – try not to fall off the platform!

The goal of each room is simple: collect all of the stars scattered throughout the level. To get a star, simply grab it from one of the nearby platforms or snag it when it falls from the sky! If you catch all six stars in a single room, you’ll earn an extra life (or continue playing until you lose!).

There are six different levels in Dr. Panda, each containing more challenging obstacles and puzzles than the last. As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock new rooms and objects that will help you on your way to success. Play through all nine levels to

Kindergarten Fun – Math, Reading & More

Kindergarten fun – Math, reading & more

Whether your little one is just starting kindergarten or returning after a summer break, here are some fun activities to keep them busy and learning in the early years!

Math: In kindergarten, kids are learning about basic math concepts such as addition and subtraction. To help reinforce these skills, try using a math game like Number Hunter. This app has various challenges that help toddlers learn how to do basic operations with numbers.

Reading: As your child starts reading on their own, you can help support their development by providing books that are appropriate for their level. Reading aloud can also be very beneficial – not only does it encourage language development but it also helps children develop critical thinking skills. A great way to find enjoyable books for kindergartners is to check out The Unofficial Kindergarten Reading List!

Art: One of the best ways to encourage creativity in young children is through art. Whether they’re painting with watercolors or drawing with crayons, have them explore their creativity without feeling pressure to produce perfect work. A great way to start introducing art into the classroom is by having children make simple “printables” using easy-to-follow instructions from 5 Minute Crafts For Preschoolers!

Download and Install Instruction

There are many games available on the Google Play Store that can be enjoyed by children. One such game is Dr. Panda – Learn & Play Mod Apk. This game teaches children about numbers, colors, and shapes. The object of the game is to help Dr. Panda collect all of the fruits on each level.

To play the game, first download it from the Google Play Store. Once it is downloaded, open it and tap on the green button with a panda in it to start playing. The controls are simple: swipe left or right to move Dr. Panda around, and press down on the screen to jump or climb up surfaces.

The goal of each level is to collect all of the fruits in a particular area. Fruits can be collected by tapping them with Dr. Panda’s paw or jumping onto them from high above. If you Fall off a cliff while collecting fruit, you will lose a life and have to start over from the beginning of the level.

There are 18 different levels in total, and they get harder as you progress through them. There are also 3 bonus levels at the end of each level that offer new challenges for players to complete. Plus, there are leaderboards and achievements so that you can compare your score against others who have played before you.

Overall, Dr. Panda – Learn & Play Mod Apk is an entertaining game that is perfect for children aged 4-8 years old who want to learn

What’s Included in this latest version?

In the latest version of Dr. Panda Mod Apk, players can explore three new islands, seek out new animals, boost their stats and learn new skills. There are also new challenges to complete and rewards to be earned.


Dr. Panda is a fun and educational mod apk that teaches basic math concepts, shapes, colors and more. The app features engaging games that are perfect for kids of all ages. There is even a learning mode that allows kids to continue practicing even when they’re not playing the games.

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App Information of Dr. Panda - Learn & Play

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Genre Education, Game
Latest Version22.4.18
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UpdateOct 19, 2022
Package Namecom.drpanda.learningworld
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