Pocket Sniper! 1.2.19 APK MOD (Unlimited Money / Gems)

Pocket Sniper! 1.2.19 APK MOD (Unlimited Money / Gems)

4.2 (17.4K+)Action

Description of Pocket Sniper!

Pocket Sniper! APK MOD

Pocket Sniper! Apk mod is a sniper game that’s available for free on the Google Play store. It’s a really addictive game that’s perfect for killing some time when you have some spare minutes. If you’re looking to take your gaming experience up a notch, check out this Pocket Sniper! APK MOD. This modification adds new features and changes the look of the game to give it an edge over the competition. Don’t wait; download the modification today and start killing targets like a pro!

What is Pocket Sniper?

Pocket Sniper Apk mod is a free and easy to use sniper shooting game for Android devices. You can play the game in either single player or multiplayer mode. The game features various levels, weapons, and challenging missions. Pocket Sniper is also compatible with Android Wear devices, so you can shoot your opponent while wearing your watch!

How to Install Pocket Sniper on Your Android Device

Pocket Sniper is a great game for Android devices, and it’s really easy to install on your device. Here’s how to do it:

1. Download the Pocket Sniper from the Google Play Store.

2. Open the APK file on your device. You’ll see an installation screen.

3. Tap Install.

4. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish setting up Pocket Sniper on your device!

How to Use Pocket Sniper

Pocket Sniper Apk mod is an Android app that allows users to get a close range shot on their target by using the device’s camera. The app uses the device’s camera to zoom in and take a picture of the target. The picture is then processed and turned into an arrow that points in the direction of the target. Users can use this information to aim and shoot at their targets without having to move away from them. Pocket Sniper is available for free on Google Play.

Tips for Pocket Sniper

If you’re looking for a way to improve your accuracy with the sniper rifle in Pocket Sniper, here are some tips to help you out:

1. Use the right ammo: One of the most important factors in improving your accuracy with the sniper rifle is using the right ammo. Make sure to select the ammo that matches your gun’s firing rate and power level.

2. Practice constantly: The best way to improve your accuracy is to practice as often as possible. Shooting targets at different distances will help you sharpen your skills and learn how to make quick, accurate shots.

3. Find a good spot: One of the key factors in hitting targets is finding a good spot from which to shoot. Before shooting, take time to familiarize yourself with the area around you and find an advantageous shooting spot.


Pocket Sniper Apk mod is an android game that puts you in the role of a sniper, tasked with eliminating your enemies from a distance. The objective of the game is to kill as many enemies as possible while avoiding getting killed yourself. To do this, you use your phone’s camera to aim and fire at your opponents.

There are a number of different weapons at your disposal, including rifles, pistols and crossbows. You can also upgrade your weapons using cash earned during gameplay, or purchased using real world currency. There are a variety of environments in which you can take on your foes, including city streets, jungles and snow-capped mountains.

Overall, Pocket Sniper is an enjoyable and challenging game that should please fans of mobile shooters. It’s easy to learn but hard to master, making it perfect for short sessions that can be picked up again and again.

Game features:

Pocket Sniper Apk mod is an Android game that challenges the player to shoot targets in a timed mode. The app has 4 different levels of difficulty and a total of 20 targets to shoot. The app also has 5 different guns to choose from and 10 different bullets to pick from. There are also achievements to earn and leaderboard rankings to compete against friends or other players online.

Simple shooting with a puzzle

There are no complicated techniques or settings required to get started with Pocket Sniper! Just fire away at your targets and have some fun. You can either use the standard crosshair to target your enemies, or use the touch screen to aim manually. There are also a variety of different sniper rifles to choose from, each with its own unique capabilities and statistics.

Once you’ve selected your weapon and set up your parameters, it’s time to start shooting! To begin firing, simply tap on the screen once. You’ll then be prompted to select a target. Once you’ve located your target, simply press and hold down on the screen until you release the button to shoot. Be sure to watch out for obstacles as you shoot, as they can impact your accuracy significantly. If you find yourself in a tough situation and need a quick solution, try using the “undo” button to take back previous shots.Pocket Sniper is an incredibly simple and straightforward shooting game that’s perfect for any level of player. Whether you’re a beginner looking for some casual fun, or an experienced shooter looking for an easy challenge, Pocket Sniper is definitely worth checking out!

Multiple Gameplays:

Pocket Sniper is a sniper game for android that has an endless mode and several gameplays like survival, time trial, and arena. There are also leaderboard and achievements to compete for.

When aiming at moving target

Pocket Sniper Apk mod is a free and easy to use sniper game for Android. The goal of the game is to shoot as many moving targets as possible. There are 10 different levels in the game, each with increasing difficulty. There are also 3 different types of targets to shoot: humans, animals, and helicopters.


Pocket Sniper! is an amazing mobile game that offers a lot of fun and challenge. If you’re looking for something to keep you occupied on your phone for a while, this is definitely it. The only downside is that it can be difficult to find the time to download and install it, but once you do, you’ll be hooked for life. So if you’re ever feeling spare and bored, give Pocket Sniper! a try!

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App Information of Pocket Sniper!

App Name Pocket Sniper! v1.2.19
Genre Action
Latest Version1.2.19
Get it On Google Play
UpdateNovember 1, 2022
Package Namecom.jpgroup.pocketsniper
Rating 4.2 ( 17.4K+ )
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